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Christina Enigma::: sSsound~EnchantresSs

Christina Enigma is a Montreal based singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Through her music she explores concepts of the human experience, death, trials and tribulations, as well as the individual and collective capacity for resilience. In the genre of deep electro-soul her sultry voice is the main instrument weaving together harmony, song and poetry that strives to reconcile her identity with collective human experience.

Trained as a thai-yoga massage therapist, her music, much like her bodywork, creates 

S P A C E for liberation, flow and healing- mind, body, and soul. Voice, piano, guitar, and electronic rhythms are the foundations of her sound. Enigma plays with a variety of other unique instruments like the theremin, didgeridoo, waterphone and melodica, and loops the instruments and vocals to create curious and haunting enchanted soundscapes to behold. 

Enigma first came to prominence with the psychedelic-folk band KyAzMa, releasing their album “The Magician’s Mirror” in 2016 they toured through the festival scene in Canada and Burning Man capturing applause for their theatrical stage presence and inventive song-craftfing. In 2018 the duo earned a spot in the top 3 electronica acts in MTL’s Cult Magazine and released their praised video for “The Circle” with POP Montreal. 

Enigma went on to play with the project Enigmatic Alchemy with Syrian producer Firas Nassri and Croatian queer Falco Croatico. The trio released tracks with Cosmo Vision Records receiving attention from listeners worldwide while Radio Canada released the video for “Taksim” in 2021.

Her solo career is proving to be equally bold and boundless as Enigma works with her organic instrumentation mixed with loop and beat machines designing music and soundscapes for spatialized immersive sonar experiences in dome and cubed shaped spaces and incorporating haptics technology for a full-body sensation. Enigma is currently working on her first solo album as well as her live show to tour worldwide.

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